W Series - Wide Mouth, Large Body Series and General Range
Special Wide Mouth Machines (W - Series)
Wide Mouth Containers    
  • One or two and 4 cavity machines available for diameters (mouth) up to 200 mm, standard.
  • Available in Full Electric or Hydraulic

CPSB 2000W

"New" 1 Cavity, 99mm Wide Mouth

Low Cost Single (1) Cavity up to 90mm Fully Automatic

  • Excellent Price
  • Excellent Performance

Wide Mouth Jar Series / Automatic PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

  • CPSB-1000W / 1000WM / 2000W
  • CPSB-TS2000W / CPSB-TS4000W

CPSB can make :

Oval, Petaloid, Square, Flat, Round bottles, Jars and Wide mouth containers
Market segment of CPSB :  

Mineral water, Edible oil, Alcoholic drinks, CSD, Pickle food, Soda drinks, Cosmetics, Clean lotion, Detergent, Tennis bottles, PET bottles for cooking oil with handle


PET STRETCH BLOW MOLDING MACHINE For Large volume, Oval & Flat Bottles, and Wide mouth Jar.

  1. Compact structure for saving space; Modular design for easy maintenance.
  2. Suitable for various markets to produce different bottles.
  3. Special heating array structure to minimize oven space and energy consumption.
  4. Recycle system for less consumption of operation air.

CPSB 2000 LHI - for Bottles with Handle Insertion

  1. PET bottle with Handle pre-insert robot.
  2. Side-heating system for oval & flat bottles.
  3. Smart locating device for specific direction of preform.
  4. Recycle system for less consumption of air.