L Series - All Electric Continuous Motion High Output Machine

Pet All Manufacturing has a large number of these in operation in North America.

1. Intro

Chumpower is the only manufacturer specialized in producing linear machine in Taiwan

2. InFeeding process

The infeeding process starts from preform conveying from elevator to unscrambler

(i) Preform conveying from elevator to unscrambler

(ii) Preform being sorted in the unscrambler

(iii) Sorted preforms travelling to star wheel

(iv) Preforms on star wheel to be inserted onto mandrel chain

3. Heat Process By IR Lamps

(i) Once preforms are on mandrel, they will be heated in the oven

(ii) PET preforms are heated by infrared lamps

IR Lamps (Infrared)

  • - PET responds well to IR
  • - Intense IR energy penetrates well to heat preform

Heating process (inside the heating oven)

Inside the oven, lots of components needs to be cooled (IR lamps themselves and preforms), preform exterior will not crystallized. This illustration describes how air is moved within the oven

(i) Our oven design makes themprature of inner and outer layers of the preforms as close as possible. This is important in final outcome of the bottle

(ii) Illustration of IR oven

4. Variable pitch system

Linear machine is divided into 2 sections: heating and blowing, so after heating preform needs to be handled by variable pitch system to change from heating pitch to blowing pitch, then taken to clamping for blowing by preform transfer system

5. Preform transfer system

6. Stretch and blowing system

Clamping system: blow and form the bottle

Clamping system: blow and form the bottle

7. Blowing process

8. Bottle discharge

Bottles are taken out of machine by preform transfer (pic is shown with discharge conveyor omitted for clarity purpose)

Discharged bottles are placed on air conveyor for down stream processing

Good bottle: allowed to pass into down stream process

Rejected bottle: prevented from going into down stream process

Full Electric Linear Series PET Reheat Stretch Blow Molder


L Series Models LS6 / LSS8(Single cavity output 2250 bph)

CHUMPOWER introduces the new CPSB-LS6 / CPSB-LSS8. Following the high success of the L series, the single cavity production capacity has been increased to the highest level of 2250bph (in the market) with lightweight bottles. CPSB-LS6 / CPSB-LSS8 will provide you with the most stable and economical PET bottle production program.

The new LS6 and LSS8 from CHUMPOWER are the result of our years of field experience in producing high speed linear machines, with optimized machine mechanisms. The single cavity output can now reach 2250 BPH, which is the highest in its class.

Many design features are integrated so machine reliability is not compromised at this astonishing speed. Specially designed for light weight processing, the LS6 and LSS8 is your ideal choice for PET bottle-processing solutions.

CHUMPOWER L-Series has a simple structure with extremely high productivity and can be linked with filling machine to become a blowing-filling-capping production line. It is ideal for production lines with medium-to-high capacity and highly cost-effective. Suitable for various markets to produce different bottles, such as mineral water, tea, juice, edible oil, medicine bottles, seasoning, CSD and cosmetics.



All-Electric Linear Series PET Reheat Stretch Blow Molder

Output Increase of 10%

This machine has a mechanical structure design for high capacity operation. Six servo controllers are used to increase the output up to 10%. Using BECKHOFF control system from Germany with effective control over co-motion of multiple shafts, redundant waiting time can be mitigated and goals of elevating capacity, stability, and safety can be achieved. Also remote monitoring is available to increase service quality, reduce productive costs, and improve efficiency.

20% Preform Weight Reduction

The all-electric linear design for production of light-weight bottles can reduce bottle weight up to 20%. The unique sealing design utilizes the pressure to maintain the form of the cap thread without distortion during blowing. The heating system, focusing on lightweight cap thread, is equipped with an independent cooling system for prevention of distortion caused by overheating of the neck finish.

30% Saving of Energy Waste

There is an air recycling device for re-use of high-pressure air within the blow moulding machine for further conversion to be supplied to pneumatic tanks of each unit. Also we programmed the best permutation and combination of heating and reflection boxes which can save 30%~35% of energy waste compared with conventional linear PET blow moulding machines.


BottleViewer™, everything bottle blowing related is right at your hand

Developed by CHUMPOWER, the brand new Bottle Viewer™ intelligent bottle blower production system allows you to stay in control of all the production activities performed by CHUMPOWER blow molding machine in your factory easily from a computer browser or handheld device. This includes production information, production history and machine status in real time. In addition, the online service request and maintenance reminder for next service job are provided, allowing you to make an appointment for machine service right at your fingertips. The information for machine is transmitted to us as soon as it is available. Users may even talk to service engineers online, making servicing so much easier.

Powerful Advanced Modules

The advanced version provides more and better functions for the needs of users, including: production cost that is closely related to energy consumption analysis, as well as management of molds and production schedules. You may choose the combination of CHUMPOWER’s Smart Mold with the BottleViewer™ mold management system for easy management of mold inventory, and this combination can be further integrated with production orders and even monitor the start of production immediately after molds are installed by downloading production parameters from a cloud pool. The all-seeing Plant Dashboard provides complete production information, such as accumulated production capacity, yield, of all CHUMPOWER machines in the factory with just a tap of your finger.

Complete Management System

With the BottleViewer™, the person in charge of the company or factory is given an administrator account (admin). The administrator has access to production history, information, status and operation records of all CHUMPOWER machines as well as the maintenance service history, servicing fees and spare part inventory for all CHUMPOWER machines. The administrator is authorized to establish multiple engineer accounts (Engineer), each of which may be given certain access to help the administrator for in-house management activities.

Revolution in Bottled Water Production for Large Containers (5 Gallon)

Model L2GM

Single Use, Large Capacity Containers

CHUMPOWER started experimenting with the concept of a compressible bottle. This kind of single-use compression bottled water uses ultra-lightweight PET material to produce environmental friendly packaging. The creases of the folding barrel body are created from engineering mechanical designs. During the flow of water during consumption from the bottle, air in the barrel is isolated to prevent secondary contamination by secondary pollution and so each drop of water is fresh and pure, which ultimately extends the shelf life of drinking water. Re-usable water container weights of 5 gallons are around 700-800g, while single use containers weigh around 120g, which is a substantial saving in raw material.