Phoenix Series - This well known Series is now Full Electric with the latest Servo Electric Technology.

Phoenix Series PET Reheat Stretch Blow Machine CPSB-PHOENIX_v1708

1. CHUMPOWER Phoenix Series - PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine – Standard Model CHUMPOWER Phoenix Series - Reasonable price, high stability with small footprint, simple operation, and easy maintenance. Its universal heating design is suitable for many kinds of products such as mineral water, soda, seasoning, tea, juice, distilled water, alcohol drink, cooking oil, cleaning solution, and cosmetics.

Advanced detection sensor for mold closing to ensure the toggle position is correct and overall safety level of machine is guaranteed. Specially suitable for manufacturing of low volumes in multiple shapes with an option for full-electric platform.


Phoenix All-Electric Machine


High Precision, High Reliability, plus Energy Saving


  • Fast and smooth servo-driven transferring system
  • Low vibration and quiet servo-driven clamping system
  • Servo-driven stretch rod assembly for convenient adjustment
  • Featuring heating output compensation system
  • Air recovery system to reuse the waste air
  1. Specifications are subject to change without notice
  2. The actual output depends on the preform quality and bottle shape.